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It’s been almost twenty years since the release of “SpongeBob SquarePants.” Series revolves around the main character, Spongebob, and his adventures with his friends under the sea. Marine science teacher Stephen Hillenburg created the American animated series. The series was aired on popular kid’s channel Nickelodeon and became popular very soon. SpongeBob SquarePants holds the record of the highest-rated series on Nickelodeon ever.

The series originated from the comic book, “The Intertidal Zone.” This comic book was later converted into a television sensation, and today it is one of the best cartoon series ever produced. The series officially aired on May 1, 1999. It was admired by viewers all over the world. Later a film was released, and it paid off to be a massive part in making the series more accessible. The film became so popular that directors decided to release more parts of it that also did well on the1 box office.

Because of its popularity, series won a lot of international awards and recognition all around the globe. The main character of the series is Pearl, Plankton, and Karen. Bottom row: Sandy, Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Squidward, Gary, Patrick, and Mrs. Puff. Series take place underwater place called “The Bikini Bottom.” Series if full of humor and adventures of SpongeBob with his friends.

When SpongeBob has initially been released, no one would’ve imagined that one day its main reason of popularity will be its famous memes. A kid cartoons whose main character is a sponge? –Yes, that’s how it turns out to be. Famous mocking memes, caveman memes, and other memes had made its place to prominent meme hubs including Reddit and Facebook. The Mocking SpongeBob, Imagination SpongeBob, Surprised Patrick, SpongeGar has become so famous that the owners have started selling figurines of it for some $22.

As discussed earlier, SpongeBob originated from a comic book, so from very start it had the potential to produce one of the best memes internets has ever seen, and it proved to be. From funny Facebook gifs to Reddit top memes, we saw SpongeBob and its memes everywhere. Witty and cynical comedy dialogues in the series got the attention of meme creators quickly, and they produced some quality and evergreen memes internet ever witnessed.

Spreading on the Reddit Spongebob Meme

The subreddit named r/BikiniBottomTwitter is one of the main places from where the memes originate from. Reddit is known for its creative and original memes. In the series, Bikini Bottom is a place for adventures of SpongeBob and his fellow mates. Similarly, r/BikiniBottomTwitter mainly exists to generate some high-quality memes based on SpongeBob witty comedy and remarks he passes on in the series. Amazingly this is one of the biggest subreddits on the platform with more than 1.7 million subscribers.

Why SpongeBob Memes Produces the Best Memes?

Some animation series produce very few scenes from which memes generators could draw out memes, on the other hand, SpongeBob has various scenes that attracted the meme community and memes provided by them are always relevant and fresh, and they never die. You must be wondering what different in this series that it is home for one of the best memes? Well, some weird creatures living in the deep sea, having crazy characters will produce some dark and occasional dark humor and memes lover jump onto that very quickly.

Also, being a cartoon series for kids, it doesn’t get surreal or offending as you can mold your memes as you want to. For example, the show is almost entirely underwater, and in nearly every scene, characters are sitting around a bone fire passing on witty jokes. What else could be the best meme material? The main character is seen wearing SquarePants and doesn’t even explain why a character has legs or arms. These are just a few of the absurd logic of the show that makes it both surreal and funny and the best meme material.

Growing up in the meme era

Spongebob square pants memes were one of the founders of the meme era generation of the 21st century. Meme makers grew up making its memes. Several old memes were used in replying as a joke to friends. Handsome squid dancing meme took over the internet very soon. Every funny You Tubers used it smartly in the videos, and it was fitted wisely too.

One of the reasons its memes has proved to be a cultural staying is that it is straightforward to put these memes n almost every situation, e.g., the F.U.N song is appropriate called as it is as the f.u.n song. This song is simple yet wholesome. F is for friends who don’t talk to you. This line took over the internet, and the “no-friends” generation of the internet loved it.

Cultural meaning to the memes

Besides YouTube and other forums, SpongeBob memes also proved a vital role in cultural appropriation. It took a while for it to saturate in the social media thoroughly, but they played their essential role in witty comedy remarks and didn’t turn everything into an academic debate over the internet.

The “Dank” nature of memes

Some memes are not for everyone; people with a dark sense of humor enjoy dark memes or dank memes. These memes are edgy and somewhat mysterious. There is a particular template used for this type of memes, and a select group of memes enjoys it a lot. Because of its witty comedy and remarks in the show. It became one of the favorite places for dank meme generators to make memes on it. But despite being witty an absurd comedy series it also became one of the hubs for wholesome memes.

It’s interesting that even having a whole ton of memes produced we haven’t seen the memes falling into the wrong hands yet, i.e., memes are not politicized by crazy people. In contrast, the unfortunate Pepe meme, that became full of dank or political memes even the fell in the hands of wrong people or extremists. SpongeBob memes are yet far away from these types of memes, and we hope that I remain so. We should be thankful to the creator of the show Stephen Hillenburg that his produced series was in safe hands and didn’t become the victim of political memes.

Although some of them became political in the recent trump era, when mocking SpongeBob meme took over the internet, it was challenging to keep it away from the hands of politics. Mocking SpongeBob is arguably one of the best produced by the series. The best and surreal memes have emerged from it. Something seemingly unwitty became what the internet wanted it to be, and a whole lot ton of memes was based on Spongebob making a check-in face with the caption on it. Twitter became the central hub of this type of these memes. With the magic touch of AlTerNating CaPs, it made it all funnier and surreal.

In short, this series gave us every kind of memes, that is wholesome dank and evergreen too. Series provided us with great memories and is still alive in the form of memes on the internet.

Here we will look at top SpongeBob Memes:

Mocking Spongebob Meme:

Mocking SpongeBob meme recently took over the internet. Spongebob looking like chicken and mocking is one of the funniest memes going around the web. A combination of alternating caps and mocking face of SpongeBob adds up to classical and sarcastic meme for the internet.

The original clip came from episode of Spongebob SquarePants titled a little yellow book, in the episode Squid ward discovers SpongeBob clucks like a chicken when he sees plaid, the mocking SpongeBob meme had become so viral that it even appeared in the real world when High School Principal was the victim of the mocking SpongeBob meme after telling the senior class they wouldn’t walk at graduation if they did a senior prank.

The meme became so famous that even Donald Trump became a victim of it. Recent allegations of him leaking information to Russia is depicted and being mocked in this meme.

The meme is title as “Don’t give away classified info to the Russians –Trump Meme.”

SpongeBob Square Pants birthday memes

Spongebob also provided us with some classic birthday memes. If your friend has a birthday coming up and he is a fan of the show you can pick your required best birthday meme for him.

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SpongeBob Square Caveman memes

Primitive or caveman SpongeBob was meme originated from one episode of the series it was one split second where SpongeBob looks surprised and that moment was picked up by meme generators and caveman SpongeBob are still spread over the internet.

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Spongebob imagination meme

Spongebob imagination meme is the best meme to describe images in a meme. This scene is taken from an episode aired in 2002.

A lot of people associate their childhood with Spongebob, a lot of series especially cartoon series ends, and people forget it over time, but this era of memes is an excellent way to keep the things of the past active and fresh in mind. Memes are the best way for laughs and smiles and keeping the nostalgia busy for us.