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If you are a meme lover, you sure are a dank memes fan too. You might have heard the term ‘Dank Memes’ for the first time. But you certainly come across several such memes daily. You must have seen at different places on social media platforms. These platforms include; Facebook newsfeed, Instagram, Twitter and so forth.

Now let’s simplify this curiosity and know what exactly dank memes are? How they have emerged? Some of the dank meme variations. And of course, the impact that dank memes have raised on society and politics.

What Are Dank Memes

Memes are pieces of texts, images or videos, viral on social media. Memes are meant to be funny and entertaining. Dank memes are a sub-genre of memes. These memes become viral due to their extremely nonsensical and bizarre nature. This surrealistic element ultimately adds to the humour.

The word ‘dank’ is an adjective to describe dark, powerful, moist or sticky things. Dank originally used to describe moist and cold places like caves. A gradual change in the meaning of the word dank finally associated it with cool and unusual things. Therefore, dank memes are cool and unusual memes. These memes become viral for the sarcastic expression they carry. Some common and repeated comedy elements add to the sarcasm in these memes.

Dank memes include some typical characteristics.  Some of these typical features include a poor-quality image and extreme colour quality (overly-saturated or modified). Sometimes the images are overly compressed or decompressed. Images or videos are modified multiple times, turning them into the most viral and humorous dank memes. The intentional features added to the video format dank memes are different from an image format. These features include unpleasant sounds and funny feedback statements. Dank memes share many characteristics with the ‘YouTube poop themes’ and the ‘aesthetic memes’. However, aesthetic theme memes contain more of the pleasant features, unlike a dank meme.

The Emergence of Dank Memes

The term ‘dank meme’ was first used in 2013. This happened when the message boards within Reddit and 4chan began to make the parodies of meme culture. These memes were intentionally nonsensical, unusual and self-referential. The social media audience perceived them as lagging much behind the fresh internet content. Nevertheless, dank memes become a source of laughter due to this irony.

In 2016, a book ‘The World Made Meme’ written by Ryan Milner, also described a dank meme. It was described as humour or insult which is funny or memetic for the target audience.

The term, dank meme further gained popularity between the year 2014 to 2015. In 2016, dank memes made a political influence too. A Facebook Group ‘Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Stash’ posted politically influencing memes. Dank meme stashes are a collection of dank memes. The dank memes posted in this group supported the Democratic Candidate ‘Bernie Sanders’ during the US Presidential Elections 2016.

An Australian journalist in May 2016 explained the meaning of the term ‘dank meme’ in a broadcast. He explained that dank memes employ an ironic use of the term ‘dank’. Lexicographer ‘Jonathan Green’ further explained the repurposing of the word ‘dank’. He showed that black, drug and campus repurposed dank. While, it originally described humid and moist things as first-rate, with the 1980s special reference of high-quality marijuana.

Thus, the term ‘Dank Meme’ has stayed on to evolve as the years have passed, however; kept the ironic expression making the memes sound funny and clever due to their extreme senseless, weird, obscure and novel nature.

Dank Memes – Notable Variations

Dank memes stem into an absurd and surrealistic element. These memes are modified in different formats repeatedly. This reformatting has given out different variations in the dank memes. Some of these popular dank meme variations are:

Classical Art Dank Memes

These memes gained popularity in the 2000s. Classical art dank memes consist of iconic paintings. These paintings boost the macro parody through their formattings. One famous example of the classical art dank memes, is ‘Monalisa’ painting, a famous creation of Adam. Now, there are numerous such parodies targeting the classical arts and famous paintings.

Spicy Memes

A popular variation in the dank meme is the spicy meme which contains a twisted sense of humour, being offensive and funny at the same time. The term ‘Spicy Meme’ has been in use since 2014. A Facebook Page ‘Spicy Memes’ was created in September 2014. Since then, the spicy memes have been used on different social media platforms including; Reddit, Tumblr and Facebook.

Deep-Fried Memes

These memes often have an appearance like deep-fried yellowish colouration and are often in low-resolution format. These memes are processed several times (compressed and filtered repeatedly).

The Surreal Memes

These memes are a sub-genre of ironic memes which are intentionally bizarre but humour intended. It differs from the typical dank memes in ways of the irony layers, meme characters and the minimalistic nature. These features separate the surreal memes from the dank and deep fried memes.

Vine Memes

These memes are in the format of scripted sketches and short videos. These memes have gained success in popularity through YouTube and Twitter. The success of the Vine application led to the creation of vine memes. Vine memes gained success even after the closure of vine in 2017.

Pepe Memes

These memos contain a green frog with the body features of a human. Pepe memes originated through Matt Furie’s comic ‘Boy’s Club’.  These memes gained popularity on the social media in 2008, spreading through 4chan, Gaia Online and Myspace. They became one of the most popular memes in 2015, especially on Tumblr and 4chan. Some variations in Pepe memes include, angry people, sad frog, feels frog, smug frog and so on. During the 2016 Presidential Elections, pipe memes were used to show support for Donald Trump. It further became a hate symbol, though every Pepe meme is not inclusive of it.

Influence of Dank Memes in the Society

Memes usually sound nonsense pieces of humour, good enough to sit down in leisure and watch for the sake of fun. However, memes are a great deal and have influenced our lives to the extent we do not imagine. The dank memes are the best example of such memes which have come up to influence our way of thinking and opinion-making.  A specific meme may target a certain population or age group. An example is the stoner memes, targetting hippies and weed smokers. Besides, the dank memes influence the different fields such as advertisement, brand marketing, promotions, cultural inclinations, even the politics and so forth.

On one hand, the memes have a positive influence on society i.e. reducing the stress and anxiety by turning even a serious content into humour and helping in enhancing the communication circle through social media. The researchers of UNAM in Mexico, have shown that memes have a positive influence on brain functioning, enhancing creativity. This is because the brain tends to develop a link between different signs as you watch a meme in order to discover the meaning behind.

On the other hand, some critics are of the view that memes tend to lower the cognitive activity and thereby the creativity of youngsters. Some of the dank memes have a negative effect on a certain age group or population. The real-life example of a coma patient supports this point.

Jeff Hanscomb’s Coma Incidence and the Impact of Dank Memes

In 1992, a young boy ‘Jeff Hanscomb’ (15-year-old) had a dream to buy a Chevy truck with his saved money from years. However, a sudden unfortunate accident shattered his plans through a traumatic head injury, turning him comatose for as long as 3 decades. The times Jeff had seen before his coma state, were relatively simple, 1992 with no social media mess, mobile phones or even the internet. Mr Hanscomb finally gained his consciousness back in August 2017 when he woke up to a whole new era of technology and social media. He explained as he came across some of the anti-Chevy dank memes on the internet. Chevys were depicted to be only left for gay people to drive. Mr Hanscomb did not give up on his dreams though, happily test-driving the Silverados as he always wanted to.

To summarize the influence of dank memes in society, these memes may be funny for one party while being extremely offensive or heartbreaking to the other.

The Political Impact of Dank Memes

Memes have a great political impact. The dank memes are a most popular example of political impact by altering public opinion as it happened in the US Presidential Election 2016. Notable examples include that of the Facebook Group ‘Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Stash’ that supported Bernie Sanders through the dank meme stash and Pepe memes in support of Donald Trump. The viral nature of these memes helps to target maximum population, including all age groups. The political targeting dank memes thus influence the public opinions and political dialogues.

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